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Hugh Tolhurst (1966 – )

Hugh Tolhurst was born in Melbourne in1966. Educated at Carey Grammar and Taylor’s College, he went on to study at Deakin University and the University of Melbourne, graduating from the latter with an Arts honours degree in 2000. He has worked in various jobs, including as an editor for Melbourne poetry publisher Black Pepper and book reviewer for the literary journal Heat. He began to publish his poems in Australian literary magazines and journals from the early 1990s. His first collection, Filth & Other Poems (1997), reflected a diverse range of interests and inspirations: one section of the collection, ‘Unfaithful Translations’, is based on the poems of the classical Roman poet Catullus, while another, ‘Horse Lyrics’, was inspired by the music of the Australian band The Dirty Three. In the 2000s, Tolhurst has been an active figure in Melbourne’s poetry performance and underground music scene. His second collection, Rockling King, is in preparation.

Poetry Collections
  • Filth & Other Poems Melbourne Black Pepper 1997
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