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Nicolette Stasko (1950 – )

Nicolette Stasko was born in 1950 in Johnstown, Pennsylvania, USA, of Polish and Hungarian parents. She completed a Bachelor of Arts (majoring in English) at Pennsylvania State University, and a Master of Arts at Lehigh University. In 1979 she moved to Australia, settling first in Perth, where she taught at Perth Modern School, and subsequently moving to Canberra, then Sydney. She has taught English and creative writing at secondary and tertiary level, and has also been active as a poetry reviewer, editor and researcher. She completed a PhD at the University of Sydney in 2006.

Stasko began to publish her poetry in literary journals and magazines from the late 1980s. Her first collection of poems, Abundance (1992), won the Anne Elder award in 1993. She has since published four further collections, including a volume of new and selected poems, Glass Cathedrals (2006). Known for a spare yet resonant poetic style which often explores the metaphysical mysteries surrounding the natural world and everyday situations, Stasko has also worked in the prose poem form. She has also written a novel, praised for its poetic qualities, The Invention of Everyday Life (2007), and a non-fiction book Oyster: From Montparnasse to Greenwell Point (2000).

Poetry Collections
  • Abundance (Sydney: Angus and Robertson, 1992).
  • Black Night with Windows (Sydney: Angus and Robertson, 1994).
  • Dwelling in the Shape of Things (Sydney: Vagabond Press, 1999).
  • The Weight of Irises (Fitzroy North, Vic: Black Pepper, 2003).
  • Glass Cathedrals: New and Selected Poems (Cambridge, UK: Salt Publishing, 2006).
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