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Lionel Fogarty (1958 – )

Lionel Fogarty, photographer unknown Lionel Fogarty, photographer unknown

Lionel George Fogarty was born in 1958 at Barambah, now known as Cherbourg Aboriginal Reserve, in the South Burnett region of southern Queensland. He attended Cherbourg State School, and until ninth grade, Murgon High School. Fogarty has stated that his introduction to poetry was not at school but came through his interaction with Murri people in Cherbourg and Murgon. After leaving school he had several casual jobs, before leaving for Brisbane at the age of sixteen.

Since the 1970s he has been active in many of the political struggles of the Aboriginal people, particularly in southern Queensland, from the Land Rights movement, to setting up Aboriginal health and legal services, to the issue of black deaths in custody – Fogarty’s own brother, Daniel, died in police custody in 1993. His first collection of poetry, Kargun, was published in 1980, and he has gone on to publish eight further collections, as well as a children’s book, Booyooburra, a traditional Wakka Wakka story. Fogarty has also travelled widely in the United States and Europe, reading from his work and participating in conferences of Indigenous peoples. An unabashedly political poet, Fogarty’s poetry employs Aboriginal English in innovative ways, challenging readers to reconfigure cultural assumptions. He is a poet who has opened up the new space of black Australian post-surrealist writing and done much to reformulate our understanding of poetic discourse and its roles in both black and white communities.

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