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Sarah Day (1958 – )

Sarah Day was born in the small town of Upholland, in Lancashire, England, in 1958. With her family, she migrated to Tasmania in 1964. After graduating from the University of Tasmania, she taught English at schools in Devonport and Hobart. She has also taught English and Creative Writing at tertiary level, and has held a number of writing fellowships and grants. She has been a board member of the Literature Fund of the Australia Council, and for many years was poetry editor for the Tasmanian literary magazine Island. Day began publishing her poetry in the early 1980s, her work regularly appearing in journals such as Westerly, Quadrant, and Island Magazine. Her first collection, A Hunger to be Less Serious, won the FAW Anne Elder Award in 1987. She has since published six further collections, including a volume of New and Selected Poems (2002). Her acclaimed collection The Ship (2004) won the Wesley Michel Wright Prize (2004), the Queensland Premiers’ Judith Wright Calanthe Prize (2005) and the ACT Judith Wright Award (2005, joint-winner).

Poetry Collections
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  • New and Selected Poems (Todmorden, UK: Arc Publications, 2002).
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  • Sky Writing and Other Poems (Warners Bay, NSW: Picaro Press, 2008).
  • Grass Notes (Blackheath, NSW: Brandl & Schlesinger 2009)
  • Tempo (Glebe, NSW: Puncher & Wattmann, 2013)
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