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Richard James Allen (1960 – )

Richard James Allen, three quarters face in front of Entanglement Theory, Sydney, by Kyle Powderly (c) 2010 Physical TV Richard James Allen, three quarters face in front of Entanglement Theory, Sydney, by Kyle Powderly (c) 2010 Physical TV

Richard James Allen was born in Kempsey, New South Wales, in 1960. He spent the first four years of his life in Vietnam and the next six in Japan. On his return to Australia Allen attended Sydney Grammar School and the University of Sydney, where he won several awards and graduated with first class honours. In the early 1980s, he was an editor of Neos: Young Writers, one of the first magazines to publish poets such as Luke Davies, Dipti Saravanamuttu, Adam Aitken and John Hawke, as well as publishing early prose by Tim Winton, and advice to young writers from Les A. Murray, John Tranter, Bruce Beaver and Dennis Haskell.

Allen began writing poetry from the age of fourteen and regularly publishing his poems in Australian literary journals from the early 1980s. His first poetry book, The Way Out at Last & Other Poems, was published in 1986. He has since published nine further collections, including a verse novel in dictionary form, The Kamikaze Mind (2006), and his latest collection of poems, Fixing the Broken Nightingale (2013). While each volume stands alone, seven of these nine books also have a place in a large-scale and still unfolding poetic cycle entitled ‘The Way Out At Last’. Allen’s poetry has been desescribed as innovative, contemporary and highly imaginative. Its dark humour and wit are measured by an undertone of spiritual exploration and inquiry, influenced in part by a lifelong interest in Yoga and Buddhism. 

At the end of the 1990s, Allen was elected first Secretary, then President, and finally appointed the first Artistic Director of the Poets Union Inc. During this time he conceived of and directed the inaugural Australian Poetry Festival. He has won a number of awards (including two ATOM Awards) and received numerous nominations (including being shortlisted for a Kenneth Slessor Prize for Poetry at the NSW Premier's Literary Awards). He has also judged performance poetry slams and is a highly regarded performer of poetry in his own right. 

Allen trained in classical and contemporary dance and performance, and began his career as a professional dancer and choreographer in the 1980s. In 1985 he began his long-standing creative partnership with Karen Pearlman, co-founding the New York-based performance company That Was Fast. In 1995, Allen and Pearlman became co-artistic directors of the Tasmanian dance company Tasdance. In their time as directors, Allen and Pearlman toured internationally with Tasdance, founded the Tasmanian Poetry and Dance festival, and made a number of films. In 1997, Pearlman and Allen founded the Sydney based performance company Physical TV, which concentrates on the production of dance film and video.

Internationally acclaimed for constructing readings, performances, films and new media projects which are adaptations of his poetry through a fusion of art-forms, Allen has also written extensively for the stage, film and television, and with Karen Pearlman, edited the drama collection Performing the Unnameable: An Anthology of Australian Performance Texts (1999). 

In 2005, Allen won the Chancellor's Award for the most outstanding PhD thesis at the University of Technology, Sydney. Since that time, he has been involved with cutting edge incursions into poetry and new media, as well as continuing his abiding interest in writing poetry for the page.

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 Poetry Collections

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  • The Kamikaze Mind (Sydney: Brandl & Schlesinger, 2006). Website

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