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Titleasc Surname First Name
A Bad Break! Goodge, W. T.
A Bush Christening Paterson, A. B., 'Banjo'
A Dog's Mistake Paterson, A. B., 'Banjo'
Agony Column Hope, A. D.
A Light Dry Rime for Alec Hope Page, Geoff
A Poor Joke Dyson, Edward
A Quokkle Of Pelicans O'Connor, Mark
A Toper Speaks Page, Geoff
Australia Hope, A. D.
Ballades Of The Birth-Rate. Stephens, A. G.
‘Breaking it Gently’ Dyson, Edward
Bubs Grade Jenkins, John
Butchers' Budgies O'Connor, Mark
California Allen, Richard James
cat a strophe Beach, Eric
Conquistador Hope, A. D.
Everything you always wanted to know about Sydney (but were afraid to ask) Allen, Richard James
For Phyllida, Putting On Her Hat. Stephens, A. G.
Fur And Feathers Paterson, A. B., 'Banjo'
Gifts Noonuccal, Oodgeroo
Give Me Some Kind of Sign Goldsworthy, Peter
Giving It Up Hope, A. D.
High Explosive Paterson, A. B., 'Banjo'
How the Favourite Beat Us Paterson, A. B., 'Banjo'
How To Become Immortal. Goodge, W. T.
I Can Read Now Jenkins, John
In Dante's Hell Page, Geoff
In Memoriam Tranquillissimam, Stephens, A. G.
In The Land Of Never Never Krausmann, Rudi
Last Rites Page, Geoff
Lennie Liver Page, Geoff
Life. Goodge, W. T.
Lip Tip Cat. Goodge, W. T.
Mulga Bill's Bicycle Paterson, A. B., 'Banjo'
[My coffin is a deckchair] Hall, Rodney
My World-View Expressed In Dance Allen, Richard James
Off-season Page, Geoff
Of Purple Pimples. Stephens, A. G.
Old Man Platypus Paterson, A. B., 'Banjo'
Our Dog Jim. Goodge, W. T.
Parenthood Lehmann, Geoffrey
Plan Ahead Allen, Richard James
P.L.U.G. Allen, Richard James
Poem For Bob Adamson's Head Thorne, Tim
Saltbush Bill Paterson, A. B., 'Banjo'
Saltbush Bill, J.P. Paterson, A. B., 'Banjo'
Scar-Spangled Banner Thorne, Tim
Silver Service Allen, Richard James
Single Socks Page, Geoff
Sticky Face Jenkins, John