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Title Surnameasc First Name
Everything you always wanted to know about Sydney (but were afraid to ask) Allen, Richard James
P.L.U.G. Allen, Richard James
Plan Ahead Allen, Richard James
California Allen, Richard James
Silver Service Allen, Richard James
The Death of the Author Allen, Richard James
Sudden Ode to a Practical Consumer Good Allen, Richard James
My World-View Expressed In Dance Allen, Richard James
cat a strophe Beach, Eric
Visions of Life and Death Campbell, David
The Play Dennis, C. J. (Clarence James)
A Poor Joke Dyson, Edward
‘Breaking it Gently’ Dyson, Edward
The Nice Goldsworthy, Peter
Three Parodies Goldsworthy, Peter
Give Me Some Kind of Sign Goldsworthy, Peter
The Oozlum Bird. Goodge, W. T.
The Impressionist School. Goodge, W. T.
The Day Of The Lovelorn Larrikin. Goodge, W. T.
Who Wrote The Shakespere Plays? Goodge, W. T.
Life. Goodge, W. T.
A Bad Break! Goodge, W. T.
Our Dog Jim. Goodge, W. T.
Lip Tip Cat. Goodge, W. T.
“——!” (The Great Australian Adjective!) Goodge, W. T.
How To Become Immortal. Goodge, W. T.
[My coffin is a deckchair] Hall, Rodney
Australia Hope, A. D.
Giving It Up Hope, A. D.
The Return from the Freudian Islands Hope, A. D.
Conquistador Hope, A. D.
The Brides Hope, A. D.
Agony Column Hope, A. D.
The Great Baboons Hope, A. D.
Bubs Grade Jenkins, John
I Can Read Now Jenkins, John
Sticky Face Jenkins, John
The Koala Motel Dream Kelen, S. K.
TV or the Bush Kelen, S. K.
In The Land Of Never Never Krausmann, Rudi
The Free-Selector's Daughter Lawson, Henry
The Captain Of The Push Lawson, Henry
The Men Who Made Bad Matches. Lawson, Henry
Parenthood Lehmann, Geoffrey
The Dream Of Wearing Shorts Forever Murray, Les
Gifts Noonuccal, Oodgeroo
Butchers' Budgies O'Connor, Mark
A Quokkle Of Pelicans O'Connor, Mark
Single Socks Page, Geoff
Off-season Page, Geoff