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Title Surname First Nameasc
Australia Hope, A. D.
Giving It Up Hope, A. D.
The Return from the Freudian Islands Hope, A. D.
Conquistador Hope, A. D.
The Brides Hope, A. D.
Agony Column Hope, A. D.
The Great Baboons Hope, A. D.
For Phyllida, Putting On Her Hat. Stephens, A. G.
In Memoriam Tranquillissimam, Stephens, A. G.
Ballades Of The Birth-Rate. Stephens, A. G.
Of Purple Pimples. Stephens, A. G.
The Geebung Polo Club Paterson, A. B., 'Banjo'
Saltbush Bill Paterson, A. B., 'Banjo'
The Man from Ironbark Paterson, A. B., 'Banjo'
The Amateur Rider Paterson, A. B., 'Banjo'
A Bush Christening Paterson, A. B., 'Banjo'
How the Favourite Beat Us Paterson, A. B., 'Banjo'
Mulga Bill's Bicycle Paterson, A. B., 'Banjo'
High Explosive Paterson, A. B., 'Banjo'
Weary Will Paterson, A. B., 'Banjo'
Old Man Platypus Paterson, A. B., 'Banjo'
Fur And Feathers Paterson, A. B., 'Banjo'
Why The Jackass Laughs Paterson, A. B., 'Banjo'
A Dog's Mistake Paterson, A. B., 'Banjo'
The Silent Shearer Paterson, A. B., 'Banjo'
Saltbush Bill, J.P. Paterson, A. B., 'Banjo'
The Play Dennis, C. J. (Clarence James)
Visions of Life and Death Campbell, David
A Poor Joke Dyson, Edward
‘Breaking it Gently’ Dyson, Edward
cat a strophe Beach, Eric
Single Socks Page, Geoff
Off-season Page, Geoff
A Toper Speaks Page, Geoff
The Label Page, Geoff
Lennie Liver Page, Geoff
Thank You, Charles Page, Geoff
In Dante's Hell Page, Geoff
A Light Dry Rime for Alec Hope Page, Geoff
The Big Black Cat Page, Geoff
Last Rites Page, Geoff
Parenthood Lehmann, Geoffrey
The Free-Selector's Daughter Lawson, Henry
The Captain Of The Push Lawson, Henry
The Men Who Made Bad Matches. Lawson, Henry
Bubs Grade Jenkins, John
I Can Read Now Jenkins, John
Sticky Face Jenkins, John
The Dream Of Wearing Shorts Forever Murray, Les
Butchers' Budgies O'Connor, Mark