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Horse poems - Horse poems are a popular subset of Australian animal poems.  

Dog poems - Dog poems have been written in Australian since the nineteenth century.

Cat poems - Cat poems are usually either funny poems or sad poems.

Title Surnameasc First Name
Tigers Allen, Richard James
Fish Allen, Richard James
Herding Cows Beaver, Bruce
Fox In A Tree Stump Beveridge, Judith
The Lyre Birds Beveridge, Judith
Marsupial Beveridge, Judith
The Caterpillars Beveridge, Judith
Monarch Butterflies Beveridge, Judith
Ladybirds Beveridge, Judith
Mud Crabs, Low Tide Beveridge, Judith
White Peacock Beveridge, Judith
The Herons Beveridge, Judith
Penguins Caddy, Caroline
The Great Whales Caddy, Caroline
Snake Campbell, David
Le Wombat Campbell, David
Lizard and Stone Campbell, David
The Nightingale Daley, Victor J.
Childhood Terror Davies, Luke
Twelve Sheep Dutton, Geoffrey
The Fox Dutton, Geoffrey
Love and Solace Dutton, Geoffrey
In Memoriam, Dolly the Dugong Dutton, Geoffrey
The Kangaroo Field, Barron
Good Dog, Rover Grant, Jamie
The Great Baboons Hope, A. D.
Possum and Dog Kelen, S. K.
House of Rats Kelen, S. K.
Bell Birds Kendall, Henry
The Elegant Rabbit McMaster, Rhyll
The Gentle Water Bird Neilson, John Shaw
Butchers' Budgies O'Connor, Mark
A Quokkle Of Pelicans O'Connor, Mark
Crocodile Zen O'Connor, Mark
The Pairing Of Terns O'Connor, Mark
Three Four with a Ferret Page, Geoff
Magpie and Philosopher Page, Geoff
Old Pardon, the Son of Reprieve Paterson, A. B., 'Banjo'
An Idyll of Dandaloo Paterson, A. B., 'Banjo'
Frogs in Chorus Paterson, A. B., 'Banjo'
Weary Will Paterson, A. B., 'Banjo'
Old Man Platypus Paterson, A. B., 'Banjo'
Fur And Feathers Paterson, A. B., 'Banjo'
Benjamin Bandicoot Paterson, A. B., 'Banjo'
Why The Jackass Laughs Paterson, A. B., 'Banjo'
Sheep Porter, Hal
Pigs Salom, Philip
Cows Salom, Philip
Dog's Vigil Tsaloumas, Dimitris