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Animal poems
Animal poems have always been popular with Australian poets.
Anniversary poems
Anniversary poems are written to celebrate special events such as weddings.
Bereavement poems
Bereavement poems express grief or sympathy about a person's death.
Birthday poems
Birthday poems celebrate the special day of a friend or family member.
Bush poetry
Bush poetry has been a popular type of Australian poetry.
Death poems
Death poems have been written in Australia since the earliest period.
Engagement poems
Engagement poems celebrate the love between people who have decided to get married.
Family poems
Family poems have been written by most Australian poets over the years.
Friendship poems
Friendship poems have been written by many Australian poets, particularly in the nineteenth century.
Funeral poems
Funeral poems usually deal with the death of a family member or friend.
Funny poems
Funny poems have always been an important part of Australian poetry.
Happy Birthday poems
Happy Birthday poems are usually written to celebrate a special birthday.
Inspirational poems
Inspirational poems enable us to see the world in new ways.
Love poems
Love poems are one of the most popular types of Australian poem.
Memorial poems
Memorial poems are usually written for family members or friends.
Missing You poems
Missing You poems deal with loss, most often with the loss of a lover.
Name poems
Name poems are poems written to or for a particular person.
Nature poems
Nature poems have proved especially popular in Australia over the years.
Peace poems
Peace poems can deal with the end of wars or with a sense of peace in life.
Poems for Kids
Poems for Kids have been written by many famous Australian poets.
Sad poems
Sad poems usually deal with such themes as death and loss of love.
School poems
School poems describe school experiences from the perspective of the student or the teacher.
Sweet poems
Sweet poems often take the form of lyrics or songs, and deal with love.
Sympathy poems
Sympathy poems express the emotions evoked by another’s loss or misfortune.
Thank You poems
Thank You poems express gratitude for a gift, a service or a kind action.
War poems
War poems record the impact of the many wars in which Australians have fought.
Wedding poems
Wedding poems are written to celebrate the marriage of a family member or friend.