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Title Surname First Name Yearasc
Letter to Marco Polo Aitken, Adam 1985
The Poems of Lesbia Harford (1985) Harford, Lesbia 1985
Passengers to the city Gallagher, Katherine 1985
A secret Australia Taylor, Ken 1985
Squeeze Hammial, Philip 1985
The amorous cannibal Wallace-Crabbe, Chris 1985
Luxury Llewellyn, Kate 1985
Letters from the north Caddy, Caroline 1985
The twofold place Gould, Alan 1986
The last interior Ryan, Gig 1986
The Way Out At Last & Other Poems Allen, Richard James 1986
Collected lives Page, Geoff 1986
Nearer by far Tipping, Richard 1986
Voices from the honeycomb Fahey, Diane 1986
Leavetakings Faust, Clive 1986
Blood and bone Hodgins, Philip 1986
Boy with a telescope Owen, Jan 1986
Selected Poems O'Connor, Mark 1986
The daylight moon Murray, Les 1987
Dark Lyrics Kenny, Robert 1987
Christopher Hemensley, Kris 1987
White dog sonnets Hampton, Susan 1987
Alice in Wormland Hewett, Dorothy 1987
Collected Poems Dransfield, Michael 1987
Travel dice Shapcott, Thomas W. 1987
Ananke Clark, Alison 1987
Sky poems Salom, Philip 1987
A hunger to be less serious Day, Sarah 1987
Kath Walker in China Noonuccal, Oodgeroo 1988
Metamorphoses Fahey, Diane 1988
This Goes With This Goldsworthy, Peter 1988
Fresh linen Catalano, Gary 1988
New and selected poems Rodriguez, Judith 1988
I'm deadly serious Wallace-Crabbe, Chris 1988
Love poems and other revolutionary actions Sykes, Roberta 1988
European notebook Kefala, Antigone 1988
Footwork Page, Geoff 1988
Redshift/Blueshift Mansell, Chris 1988
The Black Swans Scott, Margaret 1988
The stunned mullet & other poems Forbes, John 1988
Honey Llewellyn, Kate 1988
Under Berlin Tranter, John 1988
Pell mell Hammial, Philip 1988
On the menu Rowlands, Graham 1988
Whirling Wallace-Crabbe, Chris 1988
Charmed lives Beaver, Bruce 1988
Years found in likeness Gould, Alan 1988
Down the lake with half a chook Hodgins, Philip 1988
Statistic for the new world Saravanamuttu, Dipti 1988
The Rearrangement Skovron, Alex 1988