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Title Surname First Name Year
Stepping away: selected poems Hetherington, Paul 2001
Sulking in the seventies Hemensley, Kris 1975
The Olive Tree O'Connor, Mark 2000
The Domesticity Of Giraffes Beveridge, Judith 1992
Alice in Wormland Hewett, Dorothy 1987
The unknown soldier and other poems Weller, Archie 2007
Drumming on water Page, Geoff 2003
Rungs of time Wallace-Crabbe, Chris 1993
Untimely Meditations Bolton, Ken 1977
Act in the noon Wallace-Crabbe, Chris 1974
The black abacus Ravlich, Robyn 1971
Days in the capital Tranter, John 1992
Tongues & Pinnacles Bennett, Stefanie 1976
Kangaroo virus Kinsella, John 1998
The cave in the sky Rowbotham, David 2005
The House of Vitriol Rose, Peter 1990
Where The Dead Men Lie Boake, Barcroft -
Notes for Poems Bolton, Ken 1982
Pure and applied Ryan, Gig 1998
Halfway up the mountain Hewett, Dorothy 2001
Winter driving Strauss, Jennifer 1981
Mortifications and lies Mansell, Chris 2005
The blue gate Croggon, Alison 1997
50 – 50 Brown, Pam 1997
Goddess of mercy Kelen, S. K. 2002
Seeing and believing Dobson, Rosemary 1990
Martin Johnston Johnston, Martin 1993
Selected poems 1975-90 Bolton, Ken 1992
Gravel corners Page, Geoff 1992
Eclipse Sykes, Roberta 1996
Bestseller Cronin, M. T. C. 2001
Clairvoyant in autumn Page, Geoff 1983
Letters from the north Caddy, Caroline 1985
Fingerprints on light Owen, Jan 1990
Ross' Poems Lehmann, Geoffrey 1978
Years found in likeness Gould, Alan 1988
Full fathom five Kinsella, John 1993
Writing the country Hetherington, Paul 1995
“A Golden Shanty” -
Icelandic solitaries Gould, Alan 1978
Skyline Riders Lawson, Henry -
The floor of heaven Tranter, John 1992
Fingers at Air: Experimental Poems 1969 Shapcott, Thomas W. 1969
New and Selected Poems Salom, Philip 1998
Studio moon Tranter, John 2003
Hope for a man named Jimmie & Grand Illusion Joe Allen, Richard James 1993
Crosshatched Llewellyn, Kate 1994
Auto one Hammial, Philip 2002
The Song of Brotherhood Brereton, John Le Gay -
Canvas light Hetherington, Paul 1998