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I mean to use my position as Guest Curator as a way of sharing some of the poems that have enchanted me and, of course, as a way of sharing what I learnt throughout my four-year studies in Australian Literature at The University of Sydney. 

I want to share my thoughts on Christopher Brennan, having written my thesis ("The Other-Sky": The Femme Fatale, Anxiety and The Provincial Poet", 2011) on his Poems [1913]. However, I would also like to, or at least attempt to show students of Literature, that poetry really isn't as impossible or difficult as it seems. It is there to be enjoyed, unpicked and prodded, questioned and considered. If you don't understand what you read or hear the first time, that's okay! It took me months to understand Brennan and there is still so much to learn. You don't need a degree and you don't need to be a teacher, or even a so-called "book worm", to enjoy poetry.

I aim to add categories that correspond with school syllabuses and some university courses to help students with their search for poems and poets. 

The poets that I feature will mainly be ones that I read through my theoretical understanding of 'Provincial Anxiety', which I will explain in one of my reviews, and how this comments on the relationship between dominant centre and colonial 'Other'. This is, however, one way of reading certain poems and there are always quite a few ways of reading a poem/s. I will subsequently aim to include criticism from academics and published works where I can. 

Contact us on facebook if you have any questions. The Australian Poetry Library is here to share and inspire.  

Poems Reviewed

III. The Shadow of Lilith by Christopher Brennan

Arguably one of Brennan's most complex and telling sequences from his livre composé, "Poems [1913]", the 'Lilith' poems provoke the poetic 'climax' of the text. Lilith is a figure who conjures many mytho-historical references. She was ...more

Kitsch Postcards by Amanda Stewart

  In Poetry and Gender: Statements and Essays in Australian Women's Poetry and Poetics , Stewart writes, 'I am interested in displacement, hysteria and rupture within meaning. Forms which release the ironies of meaning.' 'Kitsch Postcards' ...more