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August 2012 I'm a student of Australian Literature, more particularly of Australian poetry. My passion is for contemporary poetics. In his poem, "To the Bobbydazzlers", John Forbes writes the following lines:

American poets!

you have saved

America from

its reputation

if not its fate

& you saved me

too, in 1970



And I suppose without meaning to be too cute about it that's how I feel about Australian poetry today, forty-three years later. Australian poetic culture, as the poems and poets collected on this website attest, is as strong as it is diverse. Browsing through the Australian Poetry Library, you will find poems from all kinds of poetic ancestries, written in different forms, at different times, for different purposes. In my time as guest curator of this collection, I propose to enjoy that diversity as fully as possible. In Forbes' words, my aim will be to "salute their/ luminous hum!"

Poems Reviewed

Tired of Writing by Lionel Fogarty

There’s no denying that on a first reading Lionel Fogarty's poetry can be an uncomfortable experience. His poems might initially seem "ungrammatical", littered with what might be considered grammatical "errors", "anomalies" and "inconsistenci ...more

Group portrait, Delft, late sixteenth century. by Peter Boyle

Art History – the study of objects of art in their historical contexts – is only one way of thinking about the relationship between art and time.  In this poem by Peter Boyle, the way in which art is “of its time” &ndash ...more

moon over melbourne by Yu Ouyang

Why do you write poetry?  Simple question but hard to answer. The short answer is I like it better than any other literary genres. However, the long answer would be very involved as it covers stages of poetry writing, from when I was young ...more

A unicorn by Alison Croggon

Why do you write poetry?  I’ve never been quite sure why. I’ve written it for as long as I can remember. I experience the desire to write it as a kind of pressure, an internal necessity that eventually emerges in a poem. &nb ...more

At the Wall by Pam Brown

Why do you write poetry? That really is a tough question. I doubt that I'll give you a very interesting answer -   I can only sound glib. For me writing poetry might be a habit, or a disorganised ritual.   I've ...more

Pas de deux for lovers by Michael Dransfield

What a beautiful aubade this is.  Its carefully measured line breaks pace out a precise and delicate pas de deux 1 for waking lovers.  The word ‘Yet’, isolated in the poem’s centre, enacts a kind of pivot, the hinge of ...more