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michael dransfield

Michael Dransfield

Michael Dransfield was born in Sydney on 12 September more



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    Dorothy Porter

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Interview: Pam Brown, January-March 2014

Why do you write poetry? That really is a tough question. I doubt that I'll give you a very interesting answer -   I can only sound glib. For me writing poetry might be a habit, or a disorganised ritual.   I've done it all my life, since around the age of seven - I started with lists. It's partly a way of notating my thinking. I suppose it's also a kind of irreligious vocation - one with hardly a skerrick of remuneration. How do you read? Diversely, but very consciously. I usually have three or four things that I'm ... review


Dew, Frost, and Snow by Rosemary Dobson

Dew that the air breathes forth, and frost
Spun out of what white fleece of cold?—
The ram that leaps from star to star
In interstellar spaces grows
The wool that catches on our world.

The dewdrop hanging from the leaf,
The starry crystal of the snow—
Some god who seeks the perfect form
Fashions each flake and lets it fall ... more

27 [Reading The Waves I realise] by Bruce Beaver

Reading The Waves I realise
belatedly we need never be
afraid of Virginia Woolf with those
huge light wells of eyes, that face
as dreamily long as a lonely
holiday. How on earth so far from
heaven could she have imagined
such monologues of naked poetry?
To sustain a page's almost perfect
... more