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Title Surname First Name Year
Anima And Other Poems Beaver, Bruce 1994
Blackout Tranter, John 2000
Ethnic radio Murray, Les 1977
Freehold Page, Geoff 2005
A tremendous world in her head Hewett, Dorothy 1989
Dwelling in the shape of things Stasko, Nicolette 1999
When I Was King Lawson, Henry -
Green Lions Stewart, Douglas 1936
Shabbytown calendar Shapcott, Thomas W. 1975
Collected Poems Dransfield, Michael 1987
Museum of space Boyle, Peter 2004
Our life is a box / Prayers without a God Cronin, M. T. C. 2007
Figs Llewellyn, Kate 1990
Editing the moon Caddy, Caroline 1999
Children and other strangers Strauss, Jennifer 1975
Agnostic skies Page, Geoff 2006
Feeding the ghost Salom, Philip 1993
A secret Australia Taylor, Ken 1985
Revolving days Malouf, David 2008
Nu-plastic fanfare red Rodriguez, Judith 1973
The passenger Duggan, Laurie 2006
Hits! Skits! And Jingles! Goodge, W. T. -
Eschatologies Kinsella, John 1991
Singing the snake Marshall-Stoneking, Billy 1990
Be Faithful Go: Poems Mead, Philip 1980
The Biplane Houses Murray, Les 2006
The stunned mullet & other poems Forbes, John 1988
Under The weather Duggan, Laurie 1978
The most beautiful world: fictions and sermons Hall, Rodney 1981
Dingo Sky Kelen, S. K. 1993
Selected Poems Hall, Rodney 1975
Domestications Hemensley, Kris 1974
Collected poems 1970-1998 Forbes, John 2001
Rapunzel in surburbia Hewett, Dorothy 1975
The year of the foxes and other poems Malouf, David 1979
The hierarchy of sheep Kinsella, John 2001
Chemical bodies McMaster, Rhyll 1997
Blue Grass Minter, Peter 2006
Inside the whale Jones, Evan 1960
The Rising of the Court Lawson, Henry -
With one skin less Hammial, Philip 1994
A madder dance Day, Sarah 1991
Along the Line Smith, Vivian 2006
New Selected Poems Smith, Vivian 1995
Elegy for an airman Stewart, Douglas 1940
Damaged Glamour Forbes, John 1998
The Long Game And Other Poems Beaver, Bruce 2005
I'm deadly serious Wallace-Crabbe, Chris 1988
The Breaking Furrow Fullerton, Mary E. -
New and selected poems Rodriguez, Judith 1988