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Title Surname First Name Yeardesc
The empire of grass Catalano, Gary 1991
New and Selected Poems 1960 – 1990 Beaver, Bruce 1991
Atomic Ballet Kelen, S. K. 1991
Conquistadors Caddy, Caroline 1991
Confessions Of A Corinthian Croft, Julian 1991
Portrait of a Dog and Other Classical Bagatelles Tsaloumas, Dimitris 1991
Orpheus Hope, A. D. 1991
This Goes With That Goldsworthy, Peter 1991
This is the stone Croggon, Alison 1991
Excavation Ryan, Gig 1990
Sarah Day Day, Sarah 1990
Ask me Zwicky, Fay 1990
Turning the hourglass Fahey, Diane 1990
Mapping Wildwood Road Hetherington, Paul 1990
Seeing and believing Dobson, Rosemary 1990
Selected poems 1970-1989 Adamson, Robert 1990
Singing the snake Marshall-Stoneking, Billy 1990
Children's Games Lehmann, Geoffrey 1990
New & Selected Poems Brown, Pam 1990
Selected poems Hewett, Dorothy 1990
Figs Llewellyn, Kate 1990
Dog fox field Murray, Les 1990
For crying out loud Wallace-Crabbe, Chris 1990
The women who live on the ground Cataldi, Lee 1990
Animal warmth Hodgins, Philip 1990
The House of Vitriol Rose, Peter 1990
Blue notes Duggan, Laurie 1990
Red Dirt Thorne, Tim 1990
Fire-stick farming O'Connor, Mark 1990
Two Poems Bolton, Ken 1990
Fingerprints on light Owen, Jan 1990
Selected Poems 1956–1988 Shapcott, Thomas W. 1989
The epigrams of Martial Duggan, Laurie 1989
Barbecue of the primitives Salom, Philip 1989
The Great Forest O'Connor, Mark 1989
Night parrots Kinsella, John 1989
Brushing the dark Sant, Andrew 1989
Driving too fast Porter, Dorothy 1989
To the Ocean & Scheherazade Allen, Richard James 1989
The Clean Dark Adamson, Robert 1989
Fish-rings on water Gallagher, Katherine 1989
A tremendous world in her head Hewett, Dorothy 1989
Beach plastic Caddy, Caroline 1989
The search for Galina Shapcott, Thomas W. 1989
Collected Poems Campbell, David 1989
Skywriting Grant, Jamie 1989
Honey Llewellyn, Kate 1988
Statistic for the new world Saravanamuttu, Dipti 1988
Kath Walker in China Noonuccal, Oodgeroo 1988
Under Berlin Tranter, John 1988