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Listening to a far sea Fahey, Diane 1998
Lightning tree Kinsella, John 1996
Letter to Marco Polo Aitken, Adam 1985
Letters to Live Poets -
Letters from the north Caddy, Caroline 1985
Let's get lost Bolton, Ken, Brown, Pam, Duggan, Laurie 2005
Left at the post Jones, Evan 1984
Leavetakings Faust, Clive 1986
Lawrie & Shirley Page, Geoff 2006
Lauds and plaints Beaver, Bruce 1974
Late-winter child Buckley, Vincent 1979
Late night radio Tranter, John 1998
Late News Smith, Vivian 2000
Last Poems Buckley, Vincent 1991
Language of the icons Saravanamuttu, Dipti 1993
Killing the Black Dog Murray, Les 1997
Kath Walker in China Noonuccal, Oodgeroo 1988
Kargun Fogarty, Lionel 1980
Kangaroo virus Kinsella, John 1998
Kaddish and other poems Zwicky, Fay 1982
Jigsaw Catalano, Gary 1998
I/T: Selected poems 1980–1996 Stewart, Amanda 1998
It feels like disbelief Hetherington, Paul 2007
Italy & The Train Couani, Anna 1983
Isaac Babel's fiddle Zwicky, Fay 1975
Inwards to the sun Shapcott, Thomas W. 1969
Invitation to a Marxist lesbian party Cataldi, Lee 1978
In The Days When The World Was Wide Lawson, Henry -
Interim report Shapcott, Thomas W. 1971
Inside the whale Jones, Evan 1960
In One House Aitken, Adam 1996
In Occupied Territory Beach, Eric 1977
In light and darkness Wallace-Crabbe, Chris 1963
Inland Rowbotham, David 1958
Infinite City Skovron, Alex 1999
In an Australian Country Graveyard and Other Poems Porter, Hal 1974
In a convex mirror Dobson, Rosemary 1944
Impermanence.com Aitken, Adam 2004
I'm deadly serious Wallace-Crabbe, Chris 1988
I learn by going Powell, Craig 1968
If, then Goldsworthy, Peter 1996
Icelandic solitaries Gould, Alan 1978
Human interest Page, Geoff 1994
How McDougall Topped The Score Spencer, Thomas A. 1906
How He Died Farrell, John 1913
Horizon Bolton, Ken 2001
Hope for a man named Jimmie & Grand Illusion Joe Allen, Richard James 1993
Honey Llewellyn, Kate 1988
Hits! Skits! And Jingles! Goodge, W. T. -
Helen of Troy and other poems Tsaloumas, Dimitris 2007