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Title Surname First Name Yeardesc
The Kingsbury Tales Ouyang, Yu 2008
Telling a hawk from a handsaw Wallace-Crabbe, Chris 2008
The Divine Comedy Kinsella, John 2008
Revolving days Malouf, David 2008
Poems 1980–2008 Owen, Jan 2008
The Golden Bird Adamson, Robert 2008
Wild bees Harrison, Martin 2008
Unanimous night Brennan, Michael 2008
Shades of the sublime & beautiful Kinsella, John 2008
Growing up with Mr Menzies Jenkins, John 2008
El Dorado Porter, Dorothy 2007
It feels like disbelief Hetherington, Paul 2007
The unknown soldier and other poems Weller, Archie 2007
Rogue moons Rowbotham, David 2007
A Letter to Egon Kisch Thorne, Tim 2007
Helen of Troy and other poems Tsaloumas, Dimitris 2007
Typewriter music Malouf, David 2007
Our life is a box / Prayers without a God Cronin, M. T. C. 2007
Esperance Caddy, Caroline 2007
Selected Poems Murray, Les 2007
an illustrated history of dairies burns, joanne 2007
Event Bishop, Judith 2007
Lawrie & Shirley Page, Geoff 2006
Sacré Cœur Kinsella, John 2006
The Biplane Houses Murray, Les 2006
Along the Line Smith, Vivian 2006
The city of empty rooms Shapcott, Thomas W. 2006
Agnostic skies Page, Geoff 2006
News Krausmann, Rudi 2006
The star of Engelmeer Rowbotham, David 2006
The passenger Duggan, Laurie 2006
Picnic Zwicky, Fay 2006
Glass Cathedrals Stasko, Nicolette 2006
Love Poems Mansell, Chris 2006
The flower, the thing Cronin, M. T. C. 2006
Earthly delights Kelen, S. K. 2006
Urban myths Tranter, John 2006
Sea wall and river light Fahey, Diane 2006
Blue Grass Minter, Peter 2006
Ocean Island Croft, Julian 2006
America, or, glow: (a poem) Kinsella, John 2006
Circus-apprentice Gallagher, Katherine 2006
The cave in the sky Rowbotham, David 2005
The Past Completes Me Gould, Alan 2005
Broken/Open Jones, Jill 2005
The New Arcadia Kinsella, John 2005
The brown island and other poems Rowbotham, David 2005
Mortifications and lies Mansell, Chris 2005
The Long Game And Other Poems Beaver, Bruce 2005
Rattus Rattus Rose, Peter 2005