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michael dransfield

Michael Dransfield

Michael Dransfield was born in Sydney on 12 September more



  • Amanda Stewart

    Amanda Stewart

    Amanda Stewart was born in 1959. She began writing and performing poetry in the late ... more
  • joanne burns as a child, Bondi, 1940s, photograph courtesy the author

    joanne burns

    joanne burns was born in Vaucluse, Sydney, in 1945, and grew up in Sydney’s eastern ... more
  • Laurie Duggan, Faversham 2007

    Laurie Duggan

    Laurence James Duggan was born in South Melbourne in 1949. In the late 1960s and ... more
  • Bruce Beaver, Manly NSW, 1984, photo by John Tranter

    Bruce Beaver

    Bruce Beaver was born in the Sydney seaside suburb of Manly on 14 February 1928. ... more


Interview: Pam Brown, January-March 2014

Why do you write poetry? That really is a tough question. I doubt that I'll give you a very interesting answer -   I can only sound glib. For me writing poetry might be a habit, or a disorganised ritual.   I've done it all my life, since around the age of seven - I started with lists. It's partly a way of notating my thinking. I suppose it's also a kind of irreligious vocation - one with hardly a skerrick of remuneration. How do you read? Diversely, but very consciously. I usually have three or four things that I'm ... review


The Minstrel's Curse by Catherine Martin

A PALACE stood in ancient times towering o'er rock and tree;
It gleamed in stately splendour far over land and sea,
A fragrant garden round it bloomed, like a garland fresh and fair,
A limpid spring within it gushed, shaded from noonday glare.

Here lived a haughty monarch, of wealth and high renown,
He sat upon his lofty throne, upon his brow a frown;
His every look spoke madness, his thoughts dire terror move,
His laws in blood were written, he spoke but to reprove.

Once to this kingly palace came two minstrels good and true,
... more

Goodbye Mrs Chips by Dorothy Porter

‘Why are you helping me?’

she looks up
and rubs her eyes

‘Because I can't afford
to have any more
of my poetry class
bumped off.'

she barely smiles
she sounds exhausted
... more