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michael dransfield

Michael Dransfield

Michael Dransfield was born in Sydney on 12 September more



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Michael Dransfield's "Pas de deux for lovers"

What a beautiful aubade this is.  Its carefully measured line breaks pace out a precise and delicate pas de deux 1 for waking lovers.  The word ‘Yet’, isolated in the poem’s centre, enacts a kind of pivot, the hinge of the leaving lover’s longing.  Playing against the morning’s ‘complexity’ and the day’s already encroaching ‘involvement’, the poem unfolds in exquisitely simple language, a pleasure not totally unlike that of waking to first light on a lover’s hair perhaps...            1. A term from ballet meaning ‘steps of two’, a duet. review


Karma by Graham Rowlands

First I could because I didn't
love her & was pleased
despite & because of

that's being the reverse of
only supposed to
if I did
love &

even that supposed to be hallowed ... more

II [i've been meaning to write to you these last few years] by joanne burns

i've been meaning to write to you these last few years
but most days i've been too busy to actually stop and
write down what i've been doing. of course i haven't
actually been doing anything very significant it's just
happened around me so to speak. it is often quite
difficult not to be there.
 as you may already have
guessed circumstances have altered most considerably. i
have at last found a number of very private here's. i
... more