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michael dransfield

Michael Dransfield

Michael Dransfield was born in Sydney on 12 September more



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Interview: Pam Brown, January-March 2014

Why do you write poetry? That really is a tough question. I doubt that I'll give you a very interesting answer -   I can only sound glib. For me writing poetry might be a habit, or a disorganised ritual.   I've done it all my life, since around the age of seven - I started with lists. It's partly a way of notating my thinking. I suppose it's also a kind of irreligious vocation - one with hardly a skerrick of remuneration. How do you read? Diversely, but very consciously. I usually have three or four things that I'm ... review


Granite Boulder by James McAuley

This boulder rolled and crashed and came to rest —
How long ago? — an isolate in the bush:
Pink orthoclase, black biotite, glassy quartz,
Coarse-grained from cooling underneath the earth.
Lichen began to spread in light-green patches,
And deeper green and a faded whiteish colour.
One face grew pitted like a honeycomb
Where wind and rain scooped the loose gravel out.
The base was cut in, leaving an overhang,
... more

Suicide Unmasked by Peter Porter

The longest image of a private truth:
With a shilling borrowed from his landlady,
He looks out on the slate and sliding roofs
And sees the world a murderer already.

He still must pay for sentiment at large.
Pitied at home, his eye is everywhere.
Under his hand, flies on the window's edge,
Ugly and free of pity take the air.

Whatever he blesses undoes him again.
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